Making Sense of Accessibility Technology Standards

Word cloud of Accessibility words

I am a sole trader operating under the name of Axelrod Access for All.

As Director of Axelrod Access for All I have fifteen years experience of direct participation in major international accessibility standards supportingĀ  e-Learning and more general Accessibility in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and have authored contributions to many standards, some of which are detailed elsewhere on this site. My principal focus is on approaches to inclusivity that view Accessibility as a relationship between supplier and customer that needs to be managed. I can offer:

  • Independent advice with respect to Accessibilty Standards and specifications, including work in progress
  • Support in making sense of the standards and tools
  • Technical and strategic guidance on the use particular specifications and standards, where each can be best used, where each is limited, how they can be integrated and used in organisations.
  • Accessibility standards technology foresight and strategic planning
  • Specific open requirements representation in standards development
  • Implementation advice

As an experienced software technologist I can also provide extensive implementation support unrelated to accessibility.

Currently I am an editor of several potentially very significant ISO standards based around a very large number of User Accessibility Needs and how to use them in a fashion integrated with tools to embed accessibility in organisational product development and management processes.

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